Gina Bologna was born in 1996 in Detroit, Michigan. She has resided in Manhattan, New York  since 2016, where she is a student at School Visual Arts.

Bologna is most known for her work in Fine Art Photography. More specifically her ongoing photographic campaign Your Body Your Canvas which showcases her unique approach and passion for topics such as Body Positivity, Self Love. Her studio work is both visually, and physically saturated with color as her models become heavily dosed in mediums of paint, glitter and whatever else she can get her hands on while turning individuals  from all different backgrounds into walking, breathing art.

Her photographs are a creative mix of eccentricity, compassion, and diversity. More specifically Bologna’s work comes from the benevolent internal state she has carefully orchestrated, in hopes that those eternally will be inspired to bring application of similar beliefs in the creation of a more inclusive world.


Currently Pursuing

BFA Photography; New York City, at School Of Visual Arts 


  • Email  ginadbologna@gmail.com
  • Phone (586)354-4422
  • Instagram Sondography